If you can’t eat citrus fruits for your Vitamin C, try these instead.

For years I’ve been keen on eating my five-a-day especially oranges. From a very young age I’ve understood that oranges and other citrus fruits such as grapefruit, lemons, clementines, tangerines and satsumas are bursting with Vitamin C. And, indeed, oranges provide a very healthy 53.2mg of Vitamin C per 100g. Unfortunately, one of the side-effects of…… Continue reading If you can’t eat citrus fruits for your Vitamin C, try these instead.

Bear Smiles

There was an entertaining segment on Celebrity Gogglebox the other night which featured Bear Grylls. On the whole the Gogglebox panel didn’t appear to be members of the Bear Grylls fan club. But I wonder if the panel knew that this intrepid adventurer is the great-great-grandson of Samuel Smiles. Hmmm. Possibly not. A few days…… Continue reading Bear Smiles

Camellia Day update

Back in May, just five days before my health problems commenced, I promised an update after unwrapping my potted camellia from its winter fleece. Now I’ve returned to 3sixtyfiveblog, here’s the update! Absolutely disappointing. Not a single further bloom appeared. I downloaded the photo on this post from Pixabay but my own plant was virtually…… Continue reading Camellia Day update

Me Too!

Every afternoon my sister phones to ask how I’m doing and get updates on my chemo side-effects. We live over two hundred miles apart and our chats have become a vital part of my support network. When we’re up-to-date and she’s given me whatever advice she can think of plus lots of encouragement, we turn…… Continue reading Me Too!


We enjoyed watching “Gunpowder” on BBC1. The series is a beautifully produced drama with lovely lighting in some of the interior shots. The graphic punishment scenes are convincingly gruesome and serve as a timely reminder of what was commonplace in England not all that long ago! Not being Game of Thrones viewers we’re unfamiliar with…… Continue reading Gunpowder

Gogglebox Celebrity Special

We watched the Stand Up To Cancer Gogglebox Celebrity Special last night on Channel 4. We don’t usually watch Gogglebox and weren’t planning to join in the show’s fund-raising as we already make a donation every month to Cancer Research UK. But we wanted to see Jeremy Corbyn. In the current febrile atmosphere of  Westminster…… Continue reading Gogglebox Celebrity Special

Last blog post

This is my final blogpost on 3sixtyfive Blog. I’ve developed some health problems which have disrupted my blog writing career. I’ve enjoyed writing my blogposts and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them. Very best wishes, Cathy Murray

How’s your hearing?

image credit: https://pixabay.com/en/sculpture-statue-landmark-symbol-1445167/

Did you know that Specsavers have produced a free app that can provide a basic hearing test? If you have the TV up too loud, if it seems like everyone’s mumbling, if conversations are hard work in noisy places, if you ask people to repeat themselves on the phone, or if friends and family make…… Continue reading How’s your hearing?

How will climate change affect your garden?

image credit: https://pixabay.com/en/climate-change-global-warming-grass-2085527/

Although I’ve read a great deal about climate change and worry about it a lot, I’ve never given any particular thought as to how climate change will affect our garden. I live in a chalky area where the soil drains quickly even after the heaviest of downpours. I haven’t planted anything very delicate apart from…… Continue reading How will climate change affect your garden?