Summer of 1976 wedding

We celebrated our forty second wedding anniversary last week and these scans of our wedding cards surfaced when I was searching on my hard-drive for photos of the big day.

They’re a lovely souvenir of the 1970s and a beautiful day for a wedding in the glorious summer of 1976.

 We received some congratulatory telegrams as well. Telegrams?????

The style of 1976 telegrams was a tad more jolly than those sent to my parents for their wedding in 1950.

wedding telegram 1950 2wedding telegram 1950

But I think the wedding cards sent in 1950 are lovely, don’t you?

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Book of the Day



Motorcycle Football 1959 #1950s

motor cycles 1950s


I wonder why this didn’t catch on?

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Man lives on tea alone, St. Annes-on-Sea, Lancashire.

St Anne's on Sea

I like tea.

You possibly like tea.

But not to the exclusion of everything else.

This fascinating and amazing tale from 1951 brings a whole new perspective to the health benefits of drinking tea.

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Book of the Day

Hope you have a great Bank Holiday Monday

deck chairs

Happy Bank Holiday Monday!


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Get ready to sing in the rain!


Assuming that the British summer will be typically wet,

you might like to start looking for a new umbrella.

These umbrellas from 1956 are impractical, ridiculous and highly entertaining but they might give you a little inspiration!

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Afternoon Tea, Sunday Tea and a very fine teapot.

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