Happy Easter!

What a day!

Easter Sunday

and April Fool’s Day

on the same day.

Apparently this simultaneous event hasn’t occurred since 1956.

And since 1900 Easter Sunday and April Fools Day have only been on the same day in 1923, 1934 and 1945.

You could be forgiven for thinking that this Easter Hat Parade from 1955 is an April Fool. But it isn’t!

And what about the green tint on this 1925 film of crowds catching the train for an Easter day out. Surely that’s some kind of joke? Apparently not!

This 1969 film clip of the Easter Princess competition is very entertaining. The winner is nineteen year old Christine who says her main ambition in life is to “get married”. And presumably keeping her winner’s tiara balanced on her beehive.

Thanks for visiting my blog today.

Hope you’re enjoying a very happy Easter holiday.

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Everything you ever wanted to know about the spaghetti harvest

I started the day reading on Facebook that an ex-UKIP MP had defected to the Labour Party.

Three “Never”s and one “Would you believe it?” was quickly followed by “April Fool”. Good spoof!

Which set me thinking about the famous spaghetti harvest April Fool’s joke.

I remembered the spaghetti harvest on a BBC news magazine show, “Tonight”, but in fact it was on “Panorama”. And I thought the spoof was narrated by “Tonight” host Cliff Michelmore when it was actually fronted up by the voice of Britain, Richard Dimbleby.

Funny what tricks memory plays!

The spaghetti harvest was a 1957 phenomena and you can read all about it at The Museum of Hoaxes.

The story behind the hoax is hilarious – almost as good as the joke itself. And the BBC was still fielding calls about the spoof weeks later.

I’m sure there’ll be some good April’s Fools around today. I thought this was a spoof when I read it but it’s actually got a website…….

Have a great weekend!

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