Teen idol rock-and-roller at 81

image credit https://pixabay.com/en/cow-white-animal-farm-stare-2355147/

I wrote a blogpost about Britain’s first teen idol rock-and-roll star last year: #OnThisDay in 1936 Thomas William Hicks was born #TommySteele and meandering around Youtube the other day found these two sweet clips. https://youtu.be/5r4c3lkK-QI https://youtu.be/58As0jS0kLk And, although I don’t read The Daily Mail very often, this amazing story. Two-mile runs every day, hours on…… Continue reading Teen idol rock-and-roller at 81

Your National Health Service in 2017 #NHS

image credit: Geoff Charles [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

69 years ago this country was facing a war-weariness, an economy in disarray, the end of empire, a nation negotiating its place in the world, a need for massive house building. At that point, this country stepped-up, and took a bold and optimistic view. Not only on a whole range of social topics, but about…… Continue reading Your National Health Service in 2017 #NHS