Henry Hall’s Orchestra 1932

Following on from Lovely out-of-print piano music collection #JeromeKern I’ve found this 1932 Youtube clip of Henry Hall and his orchestra.

Well worth a glance!

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Still room for improvement!

A couple of weeks ago, BBC Radio Times

displayed an appalling lack of gender balance in the photos selected for the two main slots on each day’s schedule.

If a picture paints 1000 words, BBC “Radio Times” still has a way to go!

The position was a bit better in the next edition of Radio Times.

Saturday Feb 17th

Pick of the Day 1 Male; 1 Female

2nd Slot 1 Male

Sunday Feb 18th

Pick of the Day 1 Female

2nd Slot Group: 2 Males; 1 Female

Monday Feb 19th

Pick of the Day 1 Male; 1 Female

2nd Slot Male

Tuesday Feb 20th

Pick of the Day Male

2nd Slot Female

Wednesday Feb 21st

Pick of the Day Male

2nd Slot Group: balanced male and female

Thursday Feb 22nd

Pick of the Day 2 Male; 2 Female

2nd Slot Female

Friday Feb 22nd

Pick of the Day Group: 3 Males; 1 Female

2nd Slot Male

A bit better…..

but still a way to go before there’s anything like real balance!

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If a picture paints 1000 words, BBC “Radio Times” still has a way to go!

In this week of celebrating the Suffragettes and increased equal representation for women,

the latest edition of the BBC Radio Times magazine doesn’t seem to get it!

In case you don’t buy the Radio Times, each day’s schedule is preceded by a two page spread highlighting some of the day’s programmes.

The main photo is titled Pick of the Day and fills 25% of the article.

Saturday 10th Feb

Elliot Daly and Alex Cuthbert      Rugby Players     MALE

Sunday 11th Feb

Shaun Evans and Roger Allan     Actors     MALE

Monday 12th Feb

Carey Mulligan     Actor     FEMALE

Tuesday 13th Feb

Douglas Henshall     Actor     MALE

Wednesday 14th Feb

Nameless Mammoth hunter     MALE

Thursday 15th Feb

Ardal O’Hanlan     Actor     MALE

Friday 16th Feb

Nigel Slater     Chef     MALE

There is a second photo highlighting another programme in the bottom right of the spread.

Saturday 10th Feb

Kim Cattrall     Actor     FEMALE

Sunday 11th Feb

James Norton     Actor     MALE

Monday 12th Feb

John Simm and Adrian Lester     Actors     MALE

Tuesday 13th Feb

Joe Wicks     Body Coach     MALE

Wednesday 14th Feb

Group of actors      MALE and FEMALE

Thursday 15th Feb

Helen Czerski     Scientist     FEMALE

Friday 16th Feb

Lydia Wilson     Actor     FEMALE

I don’t know if this week’s edition of the BBC Radio Times is typical. It only struck me this week because there’s a special Winter Olympics supplement in the middle of the magazine which celebrates and supports an equal balance of female and male winter athletes. That surprised me and prompted this little survey. I’ll check again next week.

We hear a lot about equal pay issues for top presenters at the BBC  but if this example of institutionalised sexism at the BBC is typical, they’ve still got a long way to go.

image credit: By Christina Broom died 1939 [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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Literary Chocolate!

At the birth of this blog I promised you chocolate.

And here it is.


News Flash

I was thrilled yesterday to find that the Evelyn Waugh Society has linked to one of my blogposts. If you’re interested in knowing more about this giant of English Literature, the Evelyn Waugh Society website explores many fascinating aspects of Waugh’s life and writing.

There’s a new adaptation of Evelyn Waugh’s comedy novel Decline and Fall on BBC One. Did you watch it? The adaptation is in three parts and it started last week.

In a nutshell, from the BBC blurb:

When Paul Pennyfeather is unfairly expelled from Oxford University, it kick starts a disastrous chain of events that no one could have anticipated.

Jack Whitehall (Fresh Meat) is playing Paul Pennyfeather and veteran actor David Suchet (Agatha Christie’s Poirot), is Dr Fagan. The cast also includes Eva Longoria, Douglas Hodge, Vincent Franklin, Stephen Graham, Gemma Whelan and Katie Wix. It’s a strong cast with lots of good cameo roles as well.

Through no fault of his own, Paul is sent down from Oxford. He needs a job and goes to a recruitment agency for school teachers. He is sent to a minor public school, Llanabba, in Wales where the pupils are unruly and discipline is difficult to maintain. Paul asserts his authority with the pupils using one of the funniest classroom one-liners ever:

There will be a prize of half a crown for the longest essay, irrespective of any possible merit.

And Paul’s class settles down to work in diligent silence!

Paul’s success in classroom management catapults him into other management roles for the Headmaster culminating in a dramatic fireworks display at the end of episode one. Well worth watching.

There’s a good review from The Guardian and we’re looking forward to the next episode on Friday.

Hope you enjoyed your chocolate break! 🙂