More Cat Quotes

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If you enjoyed my Literary Cats you’re sure to love these felines too. Purr! Leonardo da Vinci The smallest feline is a masterpiece. image credit: Colette Time spent with a cat is never wasted. image credit: Jules Verne I believe cats to be spirits come to earth. A cat, I am sure, could…… Continue reading More Cat Quotes

More Arty Cats

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Five more paintings with cats in the details. Milch für das Kätzchen by Johann Hamza 1927 Portrait of a Family by William Hogarth 1735 The Hard Word by Jacques Laurent Agasse 1810 The Chess Players by Cornelis de Man 1670 Peg Woffington visiting an eccentric cat lover by Percy Thomas MacQuoid 1925 Thanks for visiting my…… Continue reading More Arty Cats

Arty Cats

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Purrfect! A Flood by John Everett Millais 1870 A Boy and a Girl with a Cat and an Eel by Judith Leyster 1635 Old Man’s Treasure by Karl Gussow 1876 An Old Woman with Cat by Max Liebermann 1878 The Artist Painting Surrounded by his Family by Otto van Veen 1584 Thanks for visiting my…… Continue reading Arty Cats

Black Cats audition for acting role

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This charming film clip from 1953 is of an audition for a black cat to perform on the West End stage. The role isn’t very demanding and there are no lines to learn. The pay is £3 per week plus food and milk. The turnout of hopefuls would match any human casting! Thanks for…… Continue reading Black Cats audition for acting role