5 reasons to eat avocado

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I can’t eat citrus fruits as they seem to exacerbate my muscositis and I’m eating more papaya, mango, canteloupe and kiwi fruit instead. Although avocado are not big for Vitamin C (10mg per 100g) I’m eating them regularly too. 1. Minerals Avocados contain a number of useful minerals such as iron, copper and potassium. 2.…… Continue reading 5 reasons to eat avocado

Cinnamon: a delicious porridge topper

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I’ve found that cinnamon is a delicious topper for my daily breakfast porridge. And not only does cinnamon taste good but it does you good as well. According to our well-thumbed copy of Food is Better Medicine than Drugs, cinnamon is very good for reducing blood sugar levels and can also help to reduce ‘bad’…… Continue reading Cinnamon: a delicious porridge topper