What happened to …?

For some incomprehensible reason Michael and I started talking about Jasper Carrott the other day. Do you remember him? He’s a singer, comedian and TV presenter who seemed to be around alot in 80s and 90s. We weren’t fans but realised that we hadn’t seen him on TV in ages and we wondered what had…… Continue reading What happened to …?

Swinging Sixties memory failure!

image credit: https://pixabay.com/en/elephant-proboscis-shield-memory-1090834/

Reading again The first pop record I ever owned was …… I find that my memory has been playing tricks. My first pop record wasn’t “Walking Back To Happiness” but Helen Shapiro’s “Tell Me What He Said”. Which means that “Tell Me What He Said” wasn’t the B side of “WBTH” at all. This memory failure has…… Continue reading Swinging Sixties memory failure!