Book Blog: The Dig by John Preston

This was another novel I read after watching a filmed dramatisation on Netflix. (See The Queen’s Gambit previously.) It’s an historical novel set on the eve of World War Two. The action takes place at the site of the famous archaeological dig at Sutton Hoo. The author, John Preston, is a journalist who discovered that…… Continue reading Book Blog: The Dig by John Preston

Come and visit Amsterdam on a rainy day in 1929.

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I’m re-visiting City Symphonies. Today it’s Regen (Rain) filmed in 1929 by Dutch filmmaker Joris Ivens. The film captures 1920’s Amsterdam before, during, and after a downpour. The music is Hanns Eisler’s “14 Arten den Regen zu beschreiben”, (Fourteen Ways of Describing the Rain) added to the film in 1941 The film lasts for…… Continue reading Come and visit Amsterdam on a rainy day in 1929.

Metropolis premiered #OnThisDay in 1927

image credit: By Archives New Zealand from New Zealand ("Metropolis" (1927 film)) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Fritz Lang’s epic science-fiction drama, Metropolis, premiered in Berlin on 10 January 1927. The original cut of Metropolis has been lost and for decades only shorter versions of the film could be seen. However, over the years, various elements of footage have been rediscovered and in 2010 a new restoration was released on DVD and…… Continue reading Metropolis premiered #OnThisDay in 1927

#OnThisDay in 1934 Maggie Smith was born.

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Margaret Natalie Smith was born in Ilford, Essex on 28 December 1934. Now, eighty three years later, Maggie Smith is one of Britain’s most well known actors. Appearing in over fifty films, innumerable TV productions and countless stage performances, Dame Maggie Smith has dominated British drama for six decades. Maggie Smith first appeared on stage…… Continue reading #OnThisDay in 1934 Maggie Smith was born.

Rare archive film of Santa Claus

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Early film footage of Santa Claus is rare. But here are three very old clips from Pathe News featuring Santa and assorted hangers-on and helpers. 1914 / 18 Santa takes presents to children in Hackney during WW1. 1921 Santa flies from Ingatestone to Croydon and delivers presents. 1928 Santa takes presents to sick…… Continue reading Rare archive film of Santa Claus