Lovely out-of-print piano music collection #JeromeKern

Jerome Kern

I stopped having piano lessons when I was about fifteen. Recently I’ve started practising the piano again regularly and keep learning more new tunes. I had a yen to play Jerome Kern songs and ordered this out-of-print selection from an Amazon second hand dealer.


music 6

I don’t know who Vera and Eric were but I thought this inscription in the top left corner of the cover page was very poignant. Imagine how Vera and Eric must have been feeling at Christmas 1945. WW2 was barely over; they were probably still suffering from bereavement and trauma; rationing had continued and yet they were once again living in peace. I hope they had a really wonderful Christmas and enjoyed their Jerome Kern songs.

These adaptations of Kern songs for string quartet are lovely. Four minutes of total bliss!

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