Are you eating 10-a-day?

Are you eating your 10 a day?

An interesting article last year suggested that for a longer life you should eat more fruit and veg.

10 portions each day!

Researchers looked at more than 350 studies from around the world that examined the impact of fruit and veg consumption on a range of health outcomes, such as cancer and stroke, as well as premature death.

They found eating more fruit and veg was linked to a lower risk of getting these diseases and dying early when eating up to 800g a day (around 10 portions).

Although I enjoy fruit and veg, my heart sank. TEN seemed a bit too much of a good thing.

I’ve been aiming to eat my 5-a-day for several years now but I thought doubling the amount to 10 was a tad unrealistic. And then I started thinking about the portion sizes and wondered what exactly constituted a PORTION.

Consulting the oracle, the NHS choices website, turned up some useful info.

Some of the portion sizes I’ve had for 5-a-day are more like TWO portions. I’m already eating seven or eight portions of fruit and vegetables every day so it wouldn’t be too difficult to increase to ten.

However, the chief nutritionist for Public Health England explained to the BBC that setting a realistic target such as 5-a-day which people could actually achieve was more important. Dr Tedstone said, “Whilst consuming more than five portions of fruit and vegetables a day may be desirable … adding pressure to consume more fruit and vegetables creates an unrealistic expectation.”

According to a British Heart Foundation survey a couple of years ago,

only a third of adults in Britain achieve the 5-a-day target. The additional expense of fresh fruit and veg. was cited as the main reason for the low take up of the healthy eating target. I doubt that economic circumstances have altered sufficiently to lead to an increase of 5-a-day consumers.

Whether you’re aiming for 10-a-day or happy to settle for 5-a-day, you really should read this: 12 things that really shouldn’t count as your 5-a-day.

And, as you’d expect, the BHF has included red wine on the list.

Thanks for stopping by today. Hope your day is going well. 🙂

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Well, here we are again!

A few months ago I published my final post on this blog and signed off.

I’d been diagnosed with cancer and didn’t think there was any way I could sustain a daily blog.

My cancer treatment is palliative and I didn’t think I would be around for too much longer to be writing blog posts or anything else for that matter.

I decided to try and keep my Cabbage and Semolina Blog going for as long as I was able and I’ve been writing a long blogpost each month since my diagnosis.

However, I’m now in a chemotherapy regime which requires me to rest regularly and I find myself with an active mind, a weary body and time on my hands. So, I’ve come back to 3sixtyfiveblog and am going to continue with the challenge I set myself on March 20th 2017 and try to write a daily blog for a year.

I’m learning to live with cancer and I suspect many of my future posts will be about these changes in my  life. But I haven’t lost interest in all the other aspects of life in my third age bubble so there’ll be more of that too. So, I do hope you’ll keep coming back to see if I can keep up with my daily blog challenge.

Thanks for reading today and hope you have a great weekend.

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Blueberries: a great porridge topper and good for you too!

blueberries porridge

Porridge is a great way to start the day

especially with a healthy topper.

Sometimes I include a drizzle of honey and occasionally a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Today I added a few blueberries to my porridge and they were delicious.

I know that a handful of blueberries make a great contribution to your 5-a-day. The NHS website spells out the benefits by asking are blueberries a superfood?

According to the NHS, some nutritionists believe that if you make only one change to your diet it should be to add blueberries.

Blueberries are valued for their high levels of antioxidants.

Antioxidants are a type of molecule that can neutralise free radicals, which are a type of unstable and highly reactive species of molecule. I’m no scientist so if you want to understand more you’ll have to read this NHS page.

Alison Hornby is a dietitian and spokesperson for the British Diabetic Association. She told the NHS researcher that the health claims for blueberries were inconclusive but that blueberries make a fantastic choice as one of your five portions of fruit and vegetables a day.

And I agree with that!

Thanks for visiting my blog today.

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Cinnamon: a delicious porridge topper


I’ve found that cinnamon is a delicious topper for my daily breakfast porridge.

And not only does cinnamon taste good but it does you good as well.

According to our well-thumbed copy of Food is Better Medicine than Drugs,

cinnamon is very good for reducing blood sugar levels and can also help to reduce ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol levels.

Cinnamon appears to complement the health benefits of eating porridge oats  as well as tasting so great.

The website ‘Authority Nutrition’ offers 10 Evidenced-Based Health Benefits of Cinnamon which makes for very interesting reading.

But like so many things that sound too good to be true not everyone agrees.

The website Cinnamon Vogue points out some side-effects that may occur with adding cinnamon to your food that also need to be considered.

It appears there are two main  types of cinnamon: Ceylon and Cassia.

And there’s a substance called Coumarin which is toxic and found in all forms of cinnamon.

But there’s less Coumarin in Ceylon cinnamon than there is in other types.

Overall, it seems that a small, occasional addition of cinnamon to your daily porridge oats won’t do you any harm and may well do some good. And if you buy the more expensive but purer Ceylon cinnamon that will be better still.

And cinnamon does taste really good on porridge oats especially oats from our favourite brand, Yockenthwaite so I’m going to continue with an occasional sprinkle!

Thanks for checking out my blog today.

Hope you’re enjoying a great Easter weekend.

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How many words in a blogpost? And after extensive research, the jury’s still out!


As you may have noticed some of my blogposts are not very long.

Some might even call them short.

But is that a problem?

Well, it is for some experts. I’ve been reading several blogs recently which offer advice on the best word count for blogposts.

There seems to be general agreement that a blogpost should have at least 300 words and after that opinions are mixed.

This helpful blogpost from Joe Bunting offers the pros and cons for writing blogposts of various lengths ranging from a couple of hundred words to a word count of more than two thousand.

Another interesting piece is Why 3000+ word blogposts get more traffic  which is stuffed with reasons to write long (very long!!) blogposts and advice how to set about doing it.

Although written a couple of years ago, I particularly like this blogpost from In a nutshell the advice is to write what you need to say what you want. The writer references a college professor’s response to  a student question about the length of a coursework paper. “As long as it needs to be”. That was the advice given decades ago when I was studying and I think it remains good to this day.

Of course, there’s a huge difference between those who are blogging commercially and hobby bloggers like myself. Sometimes people read my blogposts and quite often they don’t. (Well, if Google Analytics is correct, they don’t!) Obviously I’d prefer someone to read my efforts but I don’t have to meet any readership targets as presumably is expected of professional bloggers. I don’t have any advertisers seeking multiple hits on their websites and an increase in their products’ sales as a consequence of appearing on my blog.

When I started writing this blog I hadn’t realised that lifestyle bloggers actually give up their day jobs because they can make so much cash from their blogging. Hmmm. Nice work!

So, to answer my own question: how many words in a blogpost?

  1. My priority will continue to be to write as many words as are needed to say what I want to say.
  2. I’m going to try and write a long-form blogpost occasionally to see if I can.
  3. My target when I started this blog was to write a post everyday. So far, I’ve more or less managed to stick with this. But some days I’m really pushed for time so, of necessity, my blogposts will have to be short (very short) on those days. My frequency of posting target is more important to me than conforming to the best practice norms of professional bloggers.
  4. I write because I love writing and now I have time to do just that. And that’s that!

I found out something very interesting the other day.

Being ranked 9,783,626th is an achievement!

If you install a Google extension called Alexa Traffic Rank you can find out the ranking of a blog / website compared with all the others.

The top ranked are sites like Facebook, Amazon, etc and the rankings gradually go down to about 9,783,626th. And that is an achievement because after that come all the blogs / websites that don’t get a ranking at all.

I’ve been amazed at how many blogs I follow written by people I “know” on Twitter which don’t get a ranking. This was very heartening because my blogs / websites don’t get a ranking either. As I said, my Google Analytics only shows on average about 10 visitors daily to each blog so I wasn’t surprised that Alexa didn’t recognise me.

The websites I referred to earlier in this piece all received good rankings as you would expect as they’re clearly in the business of offering serious advice to the professional blogging community.

If you want to get the Alexa Traffic Rank extension go into the Manager part of your Google Chrome browser > Extensions and look for Alexa. It doesn’t take more than a few seconds to download. I expect it harvests loads of personal data whenever you use it but it’s very informative and interesting.

Well, if you’re still here you’ve read almost 700 words. So thank you for being interested and hope you find something else you’d like to read here on my 3sixtyfive lifestyle blog!

Hope you had a great weekend.

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Follow that blog!


If you’ve read my About page you’ll know why  I’m writing this blog.

I’m talking to my friend in the coffee shop and …….. you!

I’ve passed two milestones: 5 Likes and 10 posts!

And acquired two followers.

Today I’m going to tell you about their blogs because they’re both really interesting.

The first is Flash 365

Obviously, I’m interested in anyone who is trying to write a daily post and these look good. Each blogpost is an example of flash fiction headed with a striking illustration. I read Waiting for a Kill and emailed the link to my husband and sister. My husband emailed the link to his friend as well. I’m looking forward to reading some more on this blog.

The second blog is Darly – Lifestyle Blog

which is way outside my age-range but I enjoyed reading it anyway especially The Walk in Madrid . I’ve never been to Madrid so it was interesting to see some of the places visited by the blogger.

I told you I enjoy writing my blogs but I love reading blogs written by others too. Problem: I also like reading books and on-line News. There is not enough time in each day to read everything I want to read and  write everything I want to write.

Must dash – got a lawn needing cutting!

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