Can you curtsy?

If you watched “the interview” on Monday evening, you may have been amused by the anecdote about the curtsy. It certainly made me smile. Meghan was describing her first encounter with the Queen and how Harry had asked her if she could curtsy. Apparently they spent several minutes practicing before the introductions were made. Afterwards…… Continue reading Can you curtsy?

More daffodils

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Hi everyone. Don’t you just love daffodils? I do! If you missed my Monday post I wandered lonely as a cloud in March click the link to check it out. Today here’s another daffodil poem which I learned off-by-heart at Junior School. When I wrote “Jam for Tea” I remembered the school poetry competition. ….…… Continue reading More daffodils

Summer of 1976 wedding

We celebrated our forty second wedding anniversary last week and these scans of our wedding cards surfaced when I was searching on my hard-drive for photos of the big day. They’re a lovely souvenir of the 1970s and a beautiful day for a wedding in the glorious summer of 1976.  We received some congratulatory telegrams…… Continue reading Summer of 1976 wedding