My new favourite piano music!

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At the start of the year I rented a piano and I’ve enjoyed learning some new tunes as well as playing pieces that have been familiar since childhood. In the late 1950s I had a wonderful piano teacher who got me  to Grade 3 and a less  wonderful teacher who helped me to Grade 5.…… Continue reading My new favourite piano music!

La Vie en Rose

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I always thought La Vie en Rose was an Edith Piaf song but according to this Youtube description, the song was first sung by Marianne Michel. Piaf was involved in the writing of the song but thought it was too mournful until the song began to become popular and she remembered her role in…… Continue reading La Vie en Rose

Top of the Pops January 1964

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Top of the Pops started in 1964 and this is how the show opened. According to number-ones The Animals were at the top of the charts with “House of the Rising Sun” in July 1964 so presumably this clip was from then. The BBC TOTP website says the show started on New Year’s Day…… Continue reading Top of the Pops January 1964

Celebrating St Nicholas and the pickled boys!

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To celebrate St Nicholas Day I’m taking a walk down Memory Lane. I’m going back to 1968 when I sang in a performance of Benjamin Britten’s St Nicholas Cantata which has remained one of my favourite pieces of music ever since. Here’s a quick overview: Britten wrote the cantata Saint Nicolas in 1948 for…… Continue reading Celebrating St Nicholas and the pickled boys!

National Jukebox Day

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Jukeboxes and American Diners seem to go in the same sentence so on National Jukebox Day why not visit Jumping Jack’s Diner in Whitby Holy Moly’s Deep South Kitchen in York East Coast Kitchen in Scarborough Rebels’ Smokehouse in Beverley and try American Dining Yorkshire style! Or if you just want some music try The…… Continue reading National Jukebox Day

On This Day in 1828 Franz Schubert died. #OnThisDay

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When I was in the Lower 6th Form  in the late 1960s I had the opportunity to take ‘O’ Level Music in one year. I’d already passed Grade 5 Theory and the music teacher thought that this would get me well on the way with the ‘O’ Level music syllabus. And, it turned out, there…… Continue reading On This Day in 1828 Franz Schubert died. #OnThisDay

I ❤💟80s Music!

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My teenage niece announced to her mum that the younger generation was reclaiming the 1980s. I suppose it’s the Bananarama revival hair and jeans. And the other day the BBC identified seven more 80s bands that writer Emma Saunders wished to see reunited. And I agree with her. The names! The memories! The music! Frankie…… Continue reading I ❤💟80s Music!