#ThrowbackThursday #BookReview Everybody Lies by Julia Hughes @Tinksaid


For several years I wrote a book blog and accumulated reviews of some really good reads.

I saw on Twitter that Renee at It’s Book Talk started using the #ThrowbackThursday meme as a way to share books that are old favourites or have been waiting to be read for a long time.

I decided to visit my old book reviews and re-post my favourites here on 3sixtyfiveblog for #ThrowbackThursday.

So far I’ve included:

An Englishwoman’s Guide to the Cowboy by June Kearns

Kings and Queens by TerryTyler

Blood-Tied by Wendy Percival

and Make a Joyful Noise by Jenny Worstall.

This week it’s Everybody Lies, a Detective Crombie mystery thriller by Julia Hughes.

From the Amazon book description:

A conman flees the country after stealing a potentially explosive journal.
A fading rockstar on the brink of a new career as an actor commits suicide.
A talented ballet student boards a train and never arrives at her destination.

DI Crombie is determined to find the missing schoolgirl, who disappeared along with a mysterious Scandinavian youth. But as concerns grow for the kids’ safety, Crombie uncovers a web of intrigue and a family secret that someone is determined to keep – no matter what the cost.
Luckily Crombie’s got a new side-kick – and rookie McKay punches well above her weight!

My Review from Indie Bookworm

The first thing to say is that Everybody Lies is a really good novel and a most enjoyable detective story.

I like Julia Hughes’ writing but I think she’s written her best book so far with this one.

DI Crombie is a wonderful character. He first appears in the author’s Celtic Cousins’ Adventure series where he alternately helps and hinders the cousins in pursuit of their goals.

He’s taciturn, down-to-earth, idiosyncratic and totally authentic and when I met him in A Raucous Time I knew he had the potential to develop into a real star.

Next I read Crombie’s Christmas where Crombie appears centre stage in his own short story. It’s a quick read which includes some new aspects to Crombie’s character and more back story about his home life. Crombie’s Christmas ended with a hint from the author that there were more Crombie stories in the pipeline. And now there is! A full length Crombie novel which is really good.

A missing teenager, a disappearing conman and a suicidal rock-star are a huge challenge for Detective Inspector Crombie when he is given the job of investigating a complex web of family secrets and deceit.

The tricky plot is full of twists and red herrings that keep the reader guessing right to the end. There’s a great sense of reality with sharp, entertaining dialogue and an attention to detail that makes Everybody Lies a gripping page-turner and a thrilling whodunnit.

Everybody Lies has a strong supporting cast and some particularly good female characters on both sides of the law. Written in a light-hearted, easy-reading style, from start to finish the book is humorous and entertaining.

A great full-length first novel for DI Crombie and another good read from Julia Hughes.

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#Throwback Thursday #BookReview Blood-Tied by Wendy Percival @wendy_percival

I saw a good idea on Twitter a couple of weeks ago. Renee at It’s Book Talk started using the #ThrowbackThursday meme as a way to share books that are old favourites or have been waiting to be read for a long time. I saw the idea first on a blog I read regularly: Between the Lines – Books ‘N’ Stuff and thought it was great.

For several years I wrote a book blog and accumulated thoughts on a wealth of really good reads. So I decided to visit my old reviews and re-post my favourites here on 3sixtyfiveblog for #ThrowbackThursday.

I started with An Englishwoman’s Guide to the Cowboy by June Kearns and last week it was Kings and Queens by TerryTyler.

This week my book for #ThrowbackThursday is

Blood-Tied by Wendy Percival, a family history mystery.

Book description from Amazon

A thriller based on murder and family secrets.

“A desperate crime, kept secret for 60 years… but time has a way of exposing the truth…”

Esme Quentin is devastated when her sister Elizabeth is beaten unconscious, miles from her home. Two days later Esme discovers that Elizabeth has a secret past. Desperate for answers which the comatose Elizabeth cannot give, Esme enlists the help of her friend Lucy to search for the truth, unaware of the dangerous path she is treading. Together they unravel a tangle of bitterness, blackmail and dubious inheritance, and as the harrowing story is finally revealed, Esme stumbles upon evidence of a pitiful crime.

Realising too late the menace she has unwittingly unleashed, Esme is caught up in a terrifying ordeal. One that will not only test her courage and sanity but force her to confront her perception of birth and family.

My Review from Indie Bookworm

Two sisters are very close until one learns that the other has a secret past. Unable to get answers from Elizabeth because she is in a coma, Esme sets out on a search for the truth aided by her best friend Lucy.

What makes Blood-Tied really enjoyable are the special circumstances in which the novel is placed. Esme is a researcher with a passion for family history and Lucy works at the County Records Office and is a professional archivist.

Anyone who has an enthusiasm for family history can’t help but love this book. Meticulous detail combined with a cleverly constructed plot provides the reader with a completely fresh take on a traditional mystery tale.

Author Wendy Percival uses her knowledge of history, genealogy and research methods to give this novel a great feeling of authenticity in both the family story that is at the heart of the plot and Esme and Lucy’s efforts to unravel it.

A cast of well-drawn, interesting characters lead the reader through a complex story with its roots in the past and its consequences right up to the present day. A tangle of family relationships is revealed between siblings; parents and children; grandparents and off-spring; aunts, uncles and cousins; in-laws and out-laws; husbands and wives. Add to the mix nannies, housemaids, gardeners, police officers, architects, neighbours and friends: all helping to confuse and illuminate sometimes at the same time.

Highly readable with a clear, direct, no-nonsense style; good pace; interesting and unexpected twists and turns and a very satisfying ending: Blood-Tied is a really good read and highly recommended.

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