Roll over Beethoven

I’ve always enjoyed listening to Beethoven symphonies and piano concertos. About a year ago I was given CD boxed sets of the whole lot and as I worked my way through I enjoyed listening all over again. But recently I’ve had a whole new Beethoven experience. Have you ever listened to Beethoven’s string quartets? There…… Continue reading Roll over Beethoven

Teen idol rock-and-roller at 81

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I wrote a blogpost about Britain’s first teen idol rock-and-roll star last year: #OnThisDay in 1936 Thomas William Hicks was born #TommySteele and meandering around Youtube the other day found these two sweet clips. And, although I don’t read The Daily Mail very often, this amazing story. Two-mile runs every day, hours on…… Continue reading Teen idol rock-and-roller at 81

#OnThisDay in 1936 Thomas William Hicks was born #TommySteele

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Thomas William Hicks also known as Tommy Steele was born on this day in 1936. Tommy Steele is reputed to be Britain’s first teen idol and rock-and-roll star. In 1957 his rendition of “Singing the Blues” catapulted Tommy to the top of the hit parade. Although the whistling in the accompaniment is really irritating! One…… Continue reading #OnThisDay in 1936 Thomas William Hicks was born #TommySteele