#OnThisDay in 1934 Maggie Smith was born.

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Margaret Natalie Smith was born in Ilford, Essex on 28 December 1934. Now, eighty three years later, Maggie Smith is one of Britain’s most well known actors. Appearing in over fifty films, innumerable TV productions and countless stage performances, Dame Maggie Smith has dominated British drama for six decades. Maggie Smith first appeared on stage…… Continue reading #OnThisDay in 1934 Maggie Smith was born.


We enjoyed watching “Gunpowder” on BBC1. The series is a beautifully produced drama with lovely lighting in some of the interior shots. The graphic punishment scenes are convincingly gruesome and serve as a timely reminder of what was commonplace in England not all that long ago! Not being Game of Thrones viewers we’re unfamiliar with…… Continue reading Gunpowder

Gogglebox Celebrity Special

We watched the Stand Up To Cancer Gogglebox Celebrity Special last night on Channel 4. We don’t usually watch Gogglebox and weren’t planning to join in the show’s fund-raising as we already make a donation every month to Cancer Research UK. But we wanted to see Jeremy Corbyn. In the current febrile atmosphere of  Westminster…… Continue reading Gogglebox Celebrity Special

Prime Suspect 1973 | Final episode tonight

Yes, it’s Thursday again and tonight is the final episode of Prime Suspect. I’ve enjoyed this series and am looking forward to the ending. Meanwhile I’ve downloaded to my Kindle the original Lynda la Plante Prime Suspect novels to read again. The Radio Times doesn’t like this series one bit: It’s the final episode of…… Continue reading Prime Suspect 1973 | Final episode tonight

Everything you ever wanted to know about the spaghetti harvest

I started the day reading on Facebook that an ex-UKIP MP had defected to the Labour Party. Three “Never”s and one “Would you believe it?” was quickly followed by “April Fool”. Good spoof! Which set me thinking about the famous spaghetti harvest April Fool’s joke. I remembered the spaghetti harvest on a BBC news magazine…… Continue reading Everything you ever wanted to know about the spaghetti harvest

5 Reasons why Prime Suspect 1973 is so good.

If it’s Thursday, it must be Prime Suspect 1973. This week (so it says in the Radio Times) we’re getting: a 1970s wedding “all floaty Laura Ashley dresses and big hats” as Jane Tennison is her sister’s reluctant bridesmaid. Meanwhile DI Bradfield is obsessing over the East End Bentley family even though Jane tells him…… Continue reading 5 Reasons why Prime Suspect 1973 is so good.