Interesting Interview with Twiggy


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Swinging Sixties Icons

this is an interesting interview with Lesley Hornby aka Twiggy in which she hints at a movie career.

And we all know what happened next.

But I couldn’t remember if Twiggy had made any other films, so quick Wiki search to see what else she was in:

The Boy Friend (1971)
W (1974)
There Goes The Bride (1979)
The Blues Brothers (1980)
The Doctor and the Devils (1985)
Club Paradise (1986)
The Little Match Girl (1986)
Madame Sousatzka (1988)
The Diamond Trap (1988)
Sun Child (1988)
Istanbul (Keep Your Eyes Open) (1990)
Body Bags (1993)
Something Borrowed, Something Blue (1997)
Edge of Seventeen (1998)
Brand New World (based on the Jeff Noon play Woundings) (1998)

And then there’s the M&S adverts.


Well done Twiggy.

She’ll be 70 next year.

Truly a Sixties Icon.

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Swinging Sixties Icons

Mary Quant

If you enjoyed

Swinging 60s Models


Swinging Sixties fashion shows

you’ll probably like these films of Swinging Sixties icons too.

Mary Quant

Some rather odd footwear included in this collection along with the iconic flower logo.


Lots of big smiles from Twiggy and even more from Justin.

Julie Christie

The Oscar nominations are announced by Rex Harrison and Julie makes a tearful acceptance when she wins.

Jean Shrimpton

Jean talks to a tongue-tied TV interviewer who asks her what she thinks of Twiggy and if she’s too old at twenty three to be a fashion model.

Jean scandalises the matrons of Melbourne by appearing at the Races without a hat and wearing an above the knee skirt.

Marianne Faithfull

Marianne sings “As Tears Go By” and explains that she was asked to make the record because she had a face that would sell. She’s introduced by a very uptight Brian Epstein who had little talent as a TV presenter.

Lots more 60s Icons

Brigitte Bardot
Farrah Fawcett
Jane Asher
Goldie Hawn
Anita Pallenberg
Pattie Boyd
Jean Shrimpton
Maurren Cox
Ewa Aulin
Cynthia Powell
Marylin Monroe
Audrey Hepburn
Monica Vitti
Sophia Loren
Colleen Corby
Marianne Faithfull
Cilla Black
Linda McCartney
Mandy Weet
Sharon Tate

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Swinging Sixties fashion shows


This clip is great for a walk down Memory Lane as it features the mini-kilt, my favourite in 1966.

I bought mine from C&A (Coats and ‘Ats as it was known in my family).

My dad went ballistic about the length saying the mini-kilt was too short to wear outside the house. Funny really as they don’t seem all that short. Maybe the C&A version was shorter!

The next clip features Cathy McGowan from Ready, Steady Go as she presents her own fashion collection.

Actually the dresses seem quite staid and frumpy looking rather like an overall. I don’t re-call yearning for any of these fashions. The second half of the clip features fashions for boys, They look quite middle-aged now!

At this fashion show in Manchester, the models are dancing in a group.

But where are the handbags in the middle?

The op-art outfit has reminded me of my prized possession: op-art, clip on earrings. About 3 cm in diameter with  five black and white concentric circles. I wonder what happened to them?

The sculpture in the photo at the start of this post is:

Three Figures (2012) by Neal French, Bourdon Place, London W1.

A passing shopper stumbles upon Terence Donovan photographing the model Twiggy near to his studio in 1960s Mayfair.

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Moped fashion!


I’ve always thought that riding a moped was one step up from riding a lawnmower but it looks like I’ve been missing out! This Raleigh ‘Wisp’ moped was put through its paces in 1967 by two obvious enthusiasts who’ve carefully selected their outfits for the occasion.

If you click onto the Online Bicycle Museum there are even a couple of photos of sixties icon Twiggy enjoying a turn on the ‘Wisp’. And an enthusiast named Mark Daniels has told the ‘Wisp’ story in great detail here.

Somehow the ‘Wisp’ passed me by. How about you?

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