Only a few days left to support #JR4NHS #NHS

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The clock is ticking….

There are 7 days remaining to chip in and support the campaign to secure a judicial review of the plans to set up Accountable Care Organisations across NHS England.

If ever there was a mis-nomer


– to whom? Not you and me, the voting public, that’s for sure.


– with the likely syphoning of funds from patient care into private profit.


– which companies will get the contracts? And the sub-contracts? And which organisations will ensure that they deliver what they’re supposed to without ripping us off? The same lot that brought us Carillion, maybe?

Please read this website, sign up to receive your own email updates and chip in a few quid (or more) to the crowd fund.

By the time you’re reading this blogpost, there might only be 6 days left or 5 or fewer to support the campaign.

The subject is complicated for most of us to understand but this article by Polly Toynbee in The Guardian might help.

Or try this article in The Independent: Stephen Hawking and leading doctors to take Jeremy Hunt to court over ‘back door privatisation’ of NHS.

Or read the details of the #JR4NHS campaign at

and also

Meanwhile, what’s happened to the NHS England consultation on ACOs that I highlighted in this blogpost a few days ago.

“Not a lot” to mis-quote Paul Daniels.

There’s a repeat of the NHS England info on this website but I can’t find anything new about this proposed consultation anywhere on the Internet. How can we share our opinions about ACOs with NHS England if we can’t find the consultation?

Urgent Legal Action for Our NHS – Round 3


is aiming to raise £100,000 by March 1st.

At the time of writing, £80,127 has been crowdfunded.

7 days to go

Tick tock

Tick tock!

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