Rievaulx Terrace April 2009

We’re visiting Rievaulx Terrace in North Yorkshire. These photos are from a visit we made there in April 2009. Rievaulx terrace is a National Trust property which is described as one of Yorkshire’s finest 18th-century landscape gardens, containing two temples. Rievaulx Terrace, the 18th Century neo-classical pleasure garden created for walking, lunching and relaxing, has…… Continue reading Rievaulx Terrace April 2009

Sunday Serial #14

image credit https://pixabay.com/en/mom-mum-daughter-mother-family-3273202/

I’m following a nineteenth century tradition and publishing some of “Leefdale” by Michael Murray in weekly instalments. You can find the links to previous instalments on this page. So, if you like the Dickensian idea of reading your novels in weekly instalments, read on ….. They’d only just entered the cottage when Louise burst out,…… Continue reading Sunday Serial #14